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Head of the department - Dr. Gur Zak


Office hours: Tue. 15:00-16:00


Secretary - Meital Biton


Tel. +972-2-5883581

Office hours:

Sun. 14.30-11.30, Mon.-Thu. 10:00 - 13:00

Location: Room 4503   


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Prof. Tzachi Zamir

Room 7825
Wed. 15:15-16:15

Tzachi Zamir is a philosopher and a literary critic (Assoc. Prof. English & Comp. Lit). Zamir is the author of Double Vision: Moral Philosophy and Shakespearean Drama (Princeton, 2006), Ethics and the Beast (Princeton, 2007), and Acts: Theater, Philosophy and the Performing Self (The University of Michigan Press, 2014). He is currently editing a collection of articles on Hamlet and philosophy for Oxford University Press, and has recently completed a manuscript offering a philosophical reading of Milton's Paradise Lost.