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Head of department and B.A advisor: Prof. Yoav Rinon

M.A advisor: Dr. Gur Zak

Department Secretary: Ms. Meital Biton
Tel : +97225883581
Fax: +97225881245
Room 4503, Humanities Building


Dr. Tamar Abramov

Tamar Abramov:

I hold a PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University (2008) where my primary focus was late eighteenth to mid-twentieth century German, French and English literature and visual culture. The challenge motivating my research and my teaching is to articulate the extent and configurations of the subject’s aesthetic freedom – I call it his adventure – in the face of limiting, regulating discourses, primarily legal, political and scientific. I wrote on spies, on exploration and the concept of adventure and on translation and exile.

I have taught in the US and in Turkey before returning to Israel.